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It was my mama who brought me to Sarah. After more than eight years of excessive menstrual bleeding and being a prime candidate for a hysterectomy, I was encouraged to give acupuncture and herbal medicine a chance for a period of three months.  


Much to our surprise, my body responded very quickly. Normally, my monthly cycles would last anywhere from 9-12 days, leaving me very weak. Now, after two months of treatment (acupuncture twice/week and Chinese herbal teas twice/day), I finish after only five days! Miracles do happen... The severe discomforts began to magically fall away and in their place a renewed strength, vitality and a sense of inner joy as I view the possibilities of a life lived in health and balance. Being in balance is a very calm place to be. Sarah has offered unending support and has been an angel in helping me to build a foundation of strength and faith centered on nourishing self-care.



My mama and I may not see eye to eye in all aspects of life, but we whole-heartedly agree that we've found a jewel in Sarah. Her treatment plan has proven to be extremely effective. She elegantly weaves her knowledge of acupuncture with the synergistic power of Chinese herbs with a very wise and gentle heart. I find an aura of brilliance and grace surrounding Sarah that brings light to the healing process. Sarah is very kind and wise to the ways of TCM. She also draws upon her background in psychology enhancing the holistic nature of TCM. In speaking with Sarah, one finds an open doorway to speak upon matters of the heart where these words and feelings are held and responded to with the greatest of care. I feel blessed to have had this time with Sarah and happy for all the people who have the chance to heal in her capable hands.

- C.L.

Sig, I’m writing to thank you for the successful treatment program that has dramatically relieved my chronic eczema problem. After two years of dealing with several dermatologists and various expensive prescribed creams and ointments, I was very discouraged. Every dermatologist I had consulted seemed to have the attitude that this condition was not only chronic, but permanent.  I was just going to have to learn to live with it. Frankly, I got the feeling they simply did not care and were satisfied taking their fees for a ten minute office visit every few months.


    You were my last hope. My wife convinced me to give alternative treatments a try and after meeting you at an open house I was willing to make the attempt.  Several things immediately became clear. You were going to give the time needed to understand and treat the problem; not quickie ten minute consultations. You were not going to give me false promises, but demonstrated repeatedly that you actually cared and felt you could help me. Finally you were clear that successful treatment depended in part on my cooperation. The dietary changes, herbal tea, and acupuncture certainly seemed to do the trick.   My skin is virtually lesion free after three months. I no longer have to feel embarrassed by my red rashes, and more importantly, I don’t spend my days itching and applying creams. Thank you.


    Not only did your treatment for eczema work, but my recent flare up of sciatica has vanished after only one acupuncture session! I cannot believe it.  I’ve had this problem off and on for years and despite physical therapy and my own daily exercise and stretching, the pain was back. It’s very comforting to know I can call on your expertise the next time this happens.


    After 33 years of teaching I regard myself as a skeptic about things I do not understand, but your caring approach allowed me to set aside my misgivings and trust in your treatment. I am very grateful.

- K.H.

Sarah, I’m writing a note because I know that i’ll forget to tell you when next I see you.  It occurred to me as I was talking to my sister that right now I feel the most healthy that I have ever felt. While the disc damage limits what I can do and that frustrates me... I am amazed at the overall health of my body.  When did that happen?! I was so focused on my neck that you slipped the rest of it by me! Thank you for a priceless gift!  

Acupuncture and Sarah Hauer have had an immeasurable impact on my health and lively-hood.  I lead a very active life in business and play and am in menopause.  I began treatment with Sarah a couple of years ago in the midst of numerous serious (dripping) hot flashes, sleepless nights and fatigue etc.  Through her expertise, holistic approach and kindness, not only do I very seldom have those symptoms, I feel a much greater sense of balance and health, physically and emotionally.  Through Sarah’s sagacity I am now aware of the factors which tend to create any imbalances and I then can make conscious choices accordingly.  It is because of acupuncture that I am truly thrilled to embrace the wisdom of this time of my life and enjoy it!  Thank you

Sig Hauer has been a life saver and a life changer for me.  My name is T.W., a Buddhist monk living in the Sedona area. My personal medical history includes having had a liver transplant, diabetes and a weight issue. This means I take a large number of medications for my conditions, which interact with each other and sometimes make things difficult.


I have been seeing Sig for acupuncture sessions off and on for several years now, and it has totally improved my quality of life. I get blood tests frequently due to my condition, and now my cholesterol is perfect, my liver and kidney numbers are perfect, and everything with the blood is good now and continues to stabilize. The acupuncture has helped the neuropathy in my feet and other diabetic symptoms. It has also helped my digestion, which included reflux and sometimes a lot of pain in gut. All those are pretty much relieved.


Different times during year my allergy symptoms increase, as well as having worsened with age. The acupuncture treatments have helped relieve some of the problems and have really opened my lungs, improving my breathing. As I am on oxygen at night, this was important for my well being.


The other area that the acupuncture treatments respond to is my anxiety level. When my anxiety levels build up, Sig is always able to help. He really helped me through a rough patch when my Mother died, being very kind and flexible. It never fails, and after a treatment I leave with a huge smile, feeling relaxed and calm, and receive a nice hug from Sig.


Besides the acupuncture Sig is a good listener and has supplemented his treatment with nutritional advice, eating habit changes and exercise tips.


Sig has pure intention in helping others, and that is the quality that I find gives me faith and trust in his abilities as an acupuncturist. Sig and Sarah both are very generous and compassionate people. Their motivation is to help relieve the suffering of as many people as possible. The bottom line is that my quality of life has really improved since receiving acupuncture, and for this I am extremely grateful.

- T.W.

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